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In fall 2017 the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) approved the Agricultural Reclamation and Drainage Plan for the Sandown site.

Subsequently, subdivision approval was granted creating the 3 parcels, which make up the 12-acre commercial site and the 83-acre agricultural parcel. The transfer of the 83 acres to District ownership, the inclusion of the District’s own 12.05-acre adjacent parcel to the west, and the exclusion of the 12-acre commercial portion is now complete.

The District has issued a building permit for a Canadian Tire store on the commercial site, and reclamation works have begun on the agricultural site. Associated infrastructure and servicing works are also underway.

Following the Vision Sandown process, Council has awarded a contract to CRFAIR Sandown Transition Team, known as the Sandown Transition Team for transition planning services for the agricultural lands.

The team is tasked with preparing a report (by August 30, 2018) that will provide:

  a. Options and recommended model for future governance of Sandown lands
  b. Business plan for recommended model
  c. Preparation of farm use plan
  d. Business plan should define range of potential revenues/profits for the District/operator and necessary financing
  e. Governance model to address authority, ownership, autonomy, reporting, communication, transparency, independence, accountability



This matter relates to the following Council strategic priorities:
  Protect and Enhance Rural, Agricultural, Heritage, Marine and Environmental Resources
  Encourage Compatible Commercial and Local Business Development
  Maintain a Strong Sense of Community
  Ensure Strong Leadership, Fiscal Responsibility and Transparent Government

Council’s Strategic Plan calls for progressive leadership, service excellence, and outstanding stewardship of public assets. The Sandown Project is supported by various policy directives found throughout the Strategic Plan.

The Following documents are provided for further information:

Press Release: North Saanich Council Approves Sandown Reclamation and Drainage Plan 2017-10-23
Staff Report (Oct 12/16): McDonald Park Road Drain and Sandown Drainage 2017-10-16 Council
Staff Report (Jan 4/17): Sandown Buildings 2017-02-20 Council
Presentation: Sandown Update 2016-12-05 Council
Staff Report (Sep 18/16): Sandown Project Summary Report 2016-10-17 Council