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Burning Season

Burning Season


Effective Thursday November 2, 2017 the burning season will be open with all fires requiring a permit.

For incinerators and open fires, burning shall only take place on the first and third consecutive Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s during November to May from sunrise to sunset, with a permit. Incinerators, open fires, and outdoor appliances are subject to a site inspection and fee.

Fires larger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’ require an annual inspection and permit.

There is a complete ban in effect in the Dean Park area west of East Saanich Road with the exception of approved manufactured outdoor fireplaces used for cooking and social activities. Burning of household and yard waste in these appliances is prohibited.

Please burn your fires hot to avoid producing noxious smoke that can be harmful and disturb your neighbours. Burning of leaves, wet or green material is strictly prohibited. Use of a tarp between burns is recommended.

Please consider alternatives to burning such as composting, recycling, chipping, or for a fee, you can drop off material at the Municipal Green Waste Drop-off on Littlewood Road.

For your inspection and permit, or any questions, please call the Fire Department at 250-656-1931.