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West Saanich Phase 3 Bike Lane Project

A road widening project to provide bike lanes on West Saanich Road is planned to begin in early 2018. Please review the images and Drawing Plans provided as they help to explain the scope of the work.

Shoulder widening and ancillary drainage work will add bike lanes from the intersection of Willingdon Road to match with existing lanes at the south border of the Tseycum First Nation. The work is Phase 3 of a multi-year plan that will complete a gap in on-road cycle facilities to create continuous bicycle lanes on West Saanich Road from Frizell Road north to Birch Road.

This work is in support of the District’s Transportation and Cycling Plan as described in the Official Community Plan (OCP), as well as forming an important part of the CRD’s Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Masterplan. Already a popular route for the recreational and utilitarian cyclist, the completion of this project will enhance safety for cyclists and road users along one of the most scenic stretches in the network.

The changes in character along this phase, from airport and park land to residential and foreshore, create some unique challenges in constructing consistent cycle facilities. Restrictions in the right of way caused by topography, existing infrastructure, and areas of potential archaeological interest limit how and where the additional width for the cycle lanes can be built. Road widening will occur on both sides of the road in some sections and on either the west or east side in other sections in order to navigate these challenges and produce a finished road surface with a consistent width. New line painting will delineate a consistent width of travel lanes and cycle lanes that will blend seamlessly with the existing sections on either end. This will create a safe and familiar facility for all road users throughout the entire length.

Drainage works will be added where it is necessary to enclose roadside ditching to support the road widening. Existing private services will be connected to the new drain. Lots without an identified service will receive a new service connection at their property line for future hook-up. Work undertaken in the municipal boulevard will be finished as a grassed area graded to direct surface water to lawn basins connected to the drain. Some work by external utilities may be undertaken in advance of the project, such as the relocation of several hydro poles to better fit with the new road alignment.

This work will be awarded through a tendering process in early 2018. The successful proponent will devise a construction schedule that will identify how and when the work will be undertaken and show when specific sections of the route will be affected. A single lane closure may be necessary at times during the construction day, but two-way traffic will be restored nightly and over weekends. Residents adjacent to the work will be contacted in advance of work near their properties and individual concerns or issues can be addressed directly.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Department of Infrastructure Services at 250-655-5460.


Image WestSaan near Mills Road


West Saanich near Tapping Road

  West Saanich near Munro Road