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Municipal Hall Project


If you have not been to visit the new Municipal Hall facilities, please come for a visit. We think this is a building that the community can be proud of. After considering the costs and benefits of replacing a portion of the Municipal Hall versus making major renovations to correct a number of serious problems, Council elected to proceed with the partial replacement option. However, there was a strong desire to avoid as best we could any significant cost overruns. To achieve that goal, the District used a two phase process.

The first phase was to have building designs prepared in sufficient detail to secure contract ready plans along with firm pricing. A stipulated price contract for the construction phase was used to achieve this. Council authorized a contract for $125,000 plus GST for the design work and with legal fees and a preliminary concept drawing, our total costs associated with this phase were $139,247.00.

The second phase was the construction phase, and this totaled $2,606,500.00. This was $2,117.00 over the budgeted amount of $2,604,500.00. This phase included building a new wing, moving into that wing to allow the deconstruction of the old Council Chambers and Administration and Finance wing and then rebuilding the Council Chambers wing.  This phase also included all landscaping, parking, hazardous material removal, solar panels, new Council table, servicing, legal and construction costs, but does not include DNS staff time, regular equipment replacement or the artwork Council recently commissioned.

The competitive design-build process for the new facilities proved to be very cost-effective for the Municipality. In addition to this approach, we looked for other savings in an effort to be effective stewards of municipal resources. One significant cost savings measure was to undertake project management with DNS staff rather than hiring a project consultant.  Another was to use the Fire Hall bays for Council meetings during the construction phase. Also, our phased approach to construction allowed our operations to continue on the same site and avoid the need for renting interim accommodations while maintaining access to services at the Municipal Hall.

In total, the combined design and building phases amounted to $2,745,747.00 and we avoided any significant cost overruns.



Installation Cost and Projections:
The cost of the panels was $35,000. They are anticipated to generate approximately 11,000 kwh of power annually, which based on 2015 BC Hydro rates is equivalent to a value of about $1,100 per year.

Actual Performance:
We will monitor the actual performance of the system and report as data becomes available.


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