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Board of Variance

Section 899 of the Local Government Act requires Municipalities that have adopted a Zoning Bylaw to establish a Board of Variance. In Municipalities of under 25,000 population the Board is comprised of three members appointed by the Municipal Council. The Board of Variance has the power to grant minor variances in situations where compliance with the Zoning Bylaw respecting the siting, dimension or size of a building or structure would cause a person undue hardship. A variance may not vary the density or use of land.

In addition, the Board may grant minor variances to:

  The provisions of the Tree Protection Bylaw (within certain limitations).
  The prohibition of a structural alteration or addition under Section 911(5) of the Local Government Act (non-conforming uses and sittings).
  A subdivision servicing requirement under Section 938 (1) (c) of the Local Government Act in an area zoned for agricultural or industrial use.

The Board normally meets once per month on the third Thursday at 10:00 a.m. in the Board Room of the Municipal Fire Hall at 986 Wain Road during municipal hall construction. Regulations respecting the Board of Variance are outlined in the Board of Variance Bylaw. The Board is currently comprised of the following individuals:

   Denny Warner - Chair
   Mary-Ethel Audley
   Paige Gibson

The Board of Variance is considered to be an independent body; members of Council, staff or Commissions are not permitted to be members on the Board. Staff provide secretarial and advisory support to the Board.