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Vision Sandown

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You are invited to the Community Meeting on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. to be held at Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church, 9296 East Saanich Road.

We will be discussing What We Heard from the community through the Sandown Vision process that are summarized in the following reports:

The One Page Vision Sandown Primer
The Draft Summary Vision Sandown Report
The Full Draft Vision Sandown Report

Please come to the community meeting and/or provide your feedback on the reports here

Sandown Feedback Survey

Thank you, from the Sandown Vision team


Sandown is an approximately 84 acre property in the Agriculture Land Reserve. Currently it is in transition from the property owners, the Randall family, to the District of North Saanich. Through work on the Agriculture Economic Development Strategy study, considerable input around Sandown and the visions that people provided have been gathered. (Please see left for background information about Sandown and the redevelopment process).

The Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable (CRFAIR) is working to further articulate a shared vision, based on strong engagement of people interested in shaping the future of this site over the next year. You are invited to be a part of this process. A final report will be submitted to North Saanich Council in April 2016 detailing what we learn.

CRFAIR and the District of North Saanich invite you to participate in shaping the Sandown vision.

There are many ways for you and/ or your organization to be involved in the visioning process for Sandown:

  •  Find the Vision Sandown engagement tent at the North Saanich Flavour Trail (August 22) and at the Saanich Fair (September 5-7)
Fill out the Vision Sandown Survey and be entered to win a prize! (Now Closed)
  •  Invite the Vision Sandown team to your community meeting
  •  Visit the Vision Sandown display at the North Saanich Municipal Hall
  •  Join a Walk-and-Talk at the Sandown site to learn more about the site and share your ideas
  •  Work with us to lead a Walk-and-Talk at the Sandown from your perspective/knowledge of the site
  •  Participate in the Vision Sandown Ideas Fair (October 2015)
  •  Participate in the Vision Sandown World Café (February 2016)
  •  Provide feedback to the envision Sandown Report (Coming early 2016)
  •  Find out more through our website

Contact us with your suggestions, questions, and comments through e-mail.

 Sandown Lands