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Committees and Commissions

Applications are now being accepted for Appointments to Committees, Boards and Commission. Interested individuals are invited to submit their application(s) by Friday, December 23, 2016.

North Saanich commissions act in an advisory capacity to Council. Currently there are two North Saanich Standing Committees: the Committee of the Whole and the Budget Committee, both committees are comprised of all members of Council.

Advisory Commissions
Mayor and Council are pleased to announce a new structure for the District’s Advisory Commissions.  Council has replaced the five former advisory commissions with two new commissions: the Community Planning Commission and the Community Stewardship Commission.

The Community Planning Commission will provide Council with advice on land use and agricultural matters referred to the Commission by Council or Staff.

Advice on parks, environmental and heritage referrals from Council or Staff will now be provided by the Community Stewardship Commission.

The District is excited about the opportunities the new commission structure will provide. Council will have a greater depth and diversity of advice coming from combined backgrounds of the new commission members.

Each year the Council appoints members of the North Saanich
community to serve as representatives on the advisory commissions. The District welcomes applications from members of the public in the fall of each year. For more information or if you are interested in serving on an advisory commission, please contact the Director of Corporate Services at 250-655-5453. Interested applicants can complete the application form for an Advisory Commission and return it to the Municipal Hall.

Select Committees
Select Committees are appointed to consider or inquire into a matter and to report their findings and opinions to the Council. Select committees may be made up of only Councillors or a combination of Councillors, members of the public, and/or staff. There are currently no Select Committees.

Statutory Boards and Authorities
Boards and Authorities are created and regulated by provincial and federal levels of government. Each Board and Authority has a unique function within the local government framework. Currently there are two such bodies in North Saanich

Board of Variance

Victoria Airport