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Housing Strategy and Community Survey

The District’s Official Community Plan (OCP) guides and directs decision-making on all aspects of land use and development within North Saanich. Because the Plan is an important statement of community values and goals, regular reviews are essential in ensuring that policies reflect residents’ attitudes, lifestyles, and economic factors. To this end, the District identified the need for public opinion research to obtain feedback on the core community values and goals reflected in the OCP and whether Area 1 (McTavish) and Area 2 (Tsehum), as currently in the OCP, is consistent with those values. Maps of Area 1 and Area 2 are located below.

Please see the District of North Saanich  OCP Section 16.0: Regional Context Statement for additional information regarding Area 1 and Area 2 and Figure 2 Regional Context Statement Map, which locates Area 1 and Area 2 in a map of North Saanich.

The District commissioned IPSOS Reid, a professional public opinion research company, to conduct the public opinion research.

Following are documents and staff reports related to the housing and community survey:

  Community Survey Staff Report June 20, 2016
  Community Survey Final Report
  Community Online Survey Package
  Community Phone Survey Package
  Area 1 and Area 2 Maps
  Community Survey May 17 Presentation
  May 4 Staff Report
  February 5, 2016 Staff Report - Community Survey Project Timeline and Community Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  December 8, 2015 - Staff Report, Housing and Community Survey RFP
  November 2 Staff Report - Community Values Survey
  September 2 Staff Report - Area 1 & 2 and Affordable Housing Review
  April 13 Staff Report Bylaw 1352 Options
  Quick Guide to the Regional Context Statement (RCS) Changes
  April 29 Memorandum: Regional Context Statement Amendment Bylaw No. 1352 (REVISED) – Section 16.2.1 (presented at the May 5 Council meeting)
  April 28 Staff Report (Bylaw 1352 included)
  February 3 Council Minutes
  February 3 Staff Report
  December 5, 2013 Staff Report
  Housing Strategy Implementation Plan - 2013

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Planning and Community Services Department at 250.655.5470.  You can also write or e-mail Mayor and Council.